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Although we had purchased our property in Newport, RI in 2012 completely unaware of the potential tax implications for non-US Resident property owners, upon signing our P & S agreement 5 years later, we were soon to find out all about it! It is quite overwhelming knowing which forms are required by the IRS, what order they must be filed in and by which date. We made online searches and the information seemed even more complex. Enter FIRPTA Solutions – in particular Megan Johnson and Julie Lepore – and our worries melted away overnight. FIRPTA offers a highly professional service and within 2 weeks we were ready to file. Of course we had tons of questions and what was especially nice was the fast and friendly response from the team. Thank you Megan and Julie! I shall definitely recommend you to any of my British friends in the US in similar situation.
H & L Canada
I want to thank Megan and the team at FIRPTA Solutions for helping me with the sale of my property in the U.S. I live abroad and needed assistance navigating through the bureaucratic processes involved in selling my American property. Megan and her team were extremely professional. They took the time to listen to my concerns and they communicated with me promptly at all times throughout the process. Megan and her team answered my questions and helped me to sell my property in an expedited manner. Their excellent work provided me with peace of mind. I highly recommend Megan Johnson and FIRPTA Solutions!
B. Norwich - UK
I found FIRPTA Solutions by accident, I had sold a condo and the FIRPTA payment should never have been paid over to the IRS but mistakes happened and it was. I was now in the position of having to file a US tax return to reclaim it.
In the UK that would not have been a problem for me, but, the more I looked at the forms that had to be completed the more worried I got and so many websites warned of the consequences of filing the wrong information. As soon as I contacted FIRPTA Solutions I felt a great weight had been lifted, they handled everything professionally and competently – but most importantly with a touch of humour. So much money is at stake and a smile is so needed when you are afraid you may not get it returned.
The whole process took only two weeks, yes we did have all the information to hand, but  we felt we were so fortunate when the refund came through much more quickly than expected.
Once again to Julie, Megan and their team – A big thank you, I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs assistance in this area.
Ulrich K.
Megan Johnson is a very qualified and thinking ahead lady. She is a very friendly and professional with a big knowledge about tax. She has a perfect German speaking assistant. Megan works reliable and fast. We are very satisfied and can highly recommend her.
Paul D.
I want to thank Megan for the excellent service and timely responses when helping me navigate through the unfamiliar territory of the IRS tax system and FIRPTA filings. She made this easy and her guidance was much appreciated
Merle T.
Congratulations Vanna!!!!! Great Job!! You are amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I’m glad to select you and your company to handle my client’s transaction. Thanks to you the transaction was a complete success!!!

I looking to work with you again in future transactions, for sure!

John C.
Megan J and FIRPTA Solutions were amazing to deal with and provided me with excellent service. While trying to selling a house in the USA, things were in a big mess while trying to close the sale. I was not getting any help from the real estate agents or the title company. After receiving a lot of confusion misinformation, I got in touch with Megan and FIRPTA Solutions. They were given very little time before closing, but Megan was able to fix everything!!! She organized all the parties involved in the sale, produce all the required documents and greatly reduced the amount of withholding. Instead of having 15% of total amount of sale withheld for you knows how long, it worked out that only a small amount was withheld for 90 days or less. Megan worked it out so I didn’t owe anything to the IRS. FIRPTA solutions even produced my US year tax forms. All this was completed for little cost to me. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the work Megan and FIRPTA Solutions completed for me and would highly recommend anyone buying or selling a house in the USA!!! Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!
Gisela F. - BC Canada
Just wanted to take a moment to say how very much I appreciated the help and assistance I received from Megan Johnson, a member of your team. We are Canadians and live in Canada and also have a vacation home in Arizona. We are in the process of selling our home in Arizona and I was almost going crazy trying to figure out how to get our ITIN. I had tried on my own and sent in the application in which I thought I had everything covered. Well 2 months later that came back and was denied because it was incomplete. As a senior and not familiar with all the wording in these applications, I was at a loss as to figuring out how to fill them out. The Escrow Company just said that they would not assist in filling out the ITIN Application and that I needed to have an ITIN before the close of the sale. Three times I called and spoke to the IRS who couldn’t help me either. They told me to hire someone who was familiar with these kinds of applications.
So that’s when I called FIRPTA and had the pleasure of speaking to Megan Johnson who was sooooo helpful and kind. She addressed all my concerns and took the time to walk me through the process of filing out the forms each and everytime I called. She got in touch with the Escrow Company and took care of all of my concerns. Having Megan working with me and leading me through this process was such a great experience. Her professionalism, patience and kindness brought me through what started of as a very stressful experience . Right from the beginning the process she eased my mind and let me know that we would get this done and that I could call her whenever I had any questions or concerns. I am soooo thankful to have called FIRPTA and to have had the priveledge of working together with Megan.
G. Sawchuk - Stoney Creek, Ont
I am writing to express my satisfaction with FIRPTA Solutions and their assistance in completing my taxes. As a Canadian -snowbird- I was unsure what to do and confused with the process of obtaining my tax ID number from the IRS and the complexities of calculating and completing my final capital gains return on the sale of my condo in Ft. Myers. Julie was very professional and impressive with her knowledge and experience in this area and did a great job. I was completely satisfied with her fees and costs. It is reassuring to deal with this company and to be confident that Julie did a  very thorough job completing our taxes. I would recommend FIRPTA Solutions and Julie Lepore to any snowbird to help with these complex details.
H & L
It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. We are very satisfied with the services you rendered to us. Many times you have gone out of your way to ensure that we understood the gibberish of accounting. You have been very professional Julie and we thank you for that. Take care of yourself.
Dee D.
I want to express my thanks to Julie Lepore for all of her help in the sale of my Cape Coral condo. Without her expert advice I would have been lost. Thanks again Julie and I received my rebate on Friday.
E. Fernandez Iceland
I am very happy with Julie Lepore as she has been very helpful since day one. She has answered any questions I had, offered me very reasonable prices and guided me through the whole process. I could not ask for more. She is very pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend her. Overall very professional.
Les & Nancy
I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided to us in dealing with our Cape Coral property sale. As out-of-country non-residents, we were not aware of the complexities involved in selling U.S. properties and you were able to defuse the anxiety we were experiencing with your friendly and professional advice and superior service.

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