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Elke Schmidt

German Translation

Very good service and care. The needs of the customer were considered. The employee Ms. Yuri Perez was very appreciative and always friendly.



Today is our "closing" and Mrs. Yury has been taking care of all the details diligently and in very organized way. I hope all will be well also for the next steps.

Les & Nancy

Foreign Seller

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided to us in dealing with our Cape Coral property sale. As out-of-country non-residents, we were not aware of the complexities involved in selling U.S. properties and you were able to defuse the anxiety we were experiencing with your friendly and professional advice and superior service.

Anas A.

Very professional. Excellent communication. Very courteous staff.

Junior Batista

Google Review

FIRPTA Solutions is my way to go for foreigner transaction files and Title Company errors. They helped me with 2 client files that had improper withholding on a multi member LLC. The service was fast and very effective. I am thankful for professionals who share the same services or similar services we can count on and do not have to worry about losing our clients, it's the opposite, with their help and expertise I was able to turn these temp clients into monthly clients. Thank you Julie and FIRPTA Solutions, you guys are the best!

Elke Schmidt

In German

Sehr guter Service und Betreuung. Es wurden die Bedürfnisse des Kunden berücksichtigt. Die Mitarbeiterin Frau Yuri Perez war sehr wertschätzend und immer freundlich.



Handled expedited process very efficiently and smoothly - much appreciated!

Jean Calgaro


Patti is professional and honest. Easy to communicate and available at any time. Hoping will get from the IRS our amount.



Freundlich, schnell und kompetent.



Very Good!



Yuri Perez is a Firpta Solutions' representative to fully recommend in its staff I have felt fully followed on each step of the process. Thank you Yuri !

Dee D.

Foreign Seller

I want to express my thanks to Julie Lepore for all of her help in the sale of my Cape Coral condo. Without her expert advice I would have been lost. Thanks again Julie and I received my rebate on Friday.

Gerda Horvath


Thanks again for the helping hands you gave us to get our taxes back! Espacially Holly, she is such a sweet lady and explained everything in the way to let us understand how it works in the United states, as Europe is very different in those cases. There was no question she wouldn`t answer immediately! We would always come back to your company!!



Very good cooperation. Quick answer to all questions.

Mel Horowitz


Selling a home is stressful. Selling our Florida home from a Covid lockdown in Canada, and not able to communicate with anyone in person is doubly stressful. Samantha and Yuri were understanding, pleasant and most efficient dealing with FIRPTA matters.With numerous phone calls & e-mails they were able to file the necessary documents with the IRS. If only they would be as efficient! I would highly recommend FIRPTA Solutions to anyone having to venture the unknown through the massive US regulations. Thank You Ladies!

Ann Shickell

Website Review

Samantha, you all have been AMAZING! Thanks again! You guys are a first-class operation!

Merle T.

Foreign Seller

Congratulations Vanna!!!!! Great Job!! You are amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I’m glad to select you and your company to handle my client’s transaction. Thanks to you the transaction was a complete success!!! I looking to work with you again in future transactions, for sure!

Sofia Persson


We got help from Yuri Perez. She was very professional and helpful.

Alex and Penny C.


We had sold our Florida property with a very quick closing. Samantha and the team at FIRPTA Solutions were able to efficiently and effectively complete the necessary documentation on time. They were a treat to deal with. Nothing seemed to be a problem!


United Kingdom

A very professional and caring company, nothing was left unanswered or kept waiting.

E. Fernandez Iceland

Foreign Seller

I am very happy with Julie Lepore as she has been very helpful since day one. She has answered any questions I had, offered me very reasonable prices and guided me through the whole process. I could not ask for more. She is very pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend her. Overall very professional.



Very helpful!

Silvia Engelmann

Website Review

Yuri Perez from Firpta solutions helped me through the entire paperwork very fast and very professional. She always gave me a quick reply, whenever I had questions. Yuri is very friendly and personal and speaks perfect german. I’m very satisfied and I would highly recommend her.Vielen Dank, Silvia.

G. Sawchuk - Stoney Creek, Ont

Foreign Seller

I am writing to express my satisfaction with FIRPTA Solutions and their assistance in completing my taxes. As a Canadian -snowbird- I was unsure what to do and confused with the process of obtaining my tax ID number from the IRS and the complexities of calculating and completing my final capital gains return on the sale of my condo in Ft. Myers. Julie was very professional and impressive with her knowledge and experience in this area and did a great job. I was completely satisfied with her fees and costs. It is reassuring to deal with this company and to be confident that Julie did a very thorough job completing our taxes. I would recommend FIRPTA Solutions and Julie Lepore to any snowbird to help with these complex details.

Gérald Guesdon


Very professional person. Very good follow-up of the files and I received all the necessary explanations to understand the process. Good Job Patty and the rest of the team. Best Regards, Gerald

Bo & Birgitta Lilja

Customer Review

Holly helped us with everything when we sold our property fast! She was very helpful and we were very pleased.

Margaret M


Samatha Collins was fantastic and did everything quickly.

Rosemarie Enokson


Thank you to Anna and Patti for your fast and efficient service!

Meital Ergi


Very Good

Yoel Rojas


Kind attention and very reliable persons who cares about your needs, following up with all important details, appreciate all info provided and guidance on all steps on the process , Patti Vanerstrom took care of my case with dedication and professionalism.

Rita D


Julie was simply wonderful. Informative, reassuring and always there to answer questions. Second time using this company and can't recommend it enough!

Theresa P.


I am extremely satisfied with the service I got. FIRPTA Solutions has a fantastic team. They are very professional and efficient. They explained everything to me and guided me throughout the process. If I am buying or selling any other property in the future, my first choice is going to be FIRPTA Solutions and I will recommend anyone I know to work with them! Thanks to Julie, Patti and Carolyn I do appreciate your hard work!

John and Marie-Noele MacCarthy


We wish to thank the team at Firpta Solutions for the excellent work they have done for us in filing all documents with the IRS for our ITIN, witholding certificate request and related tax forms. It was very convenient for us since FIRPTA Solutions is a certified acceptance office they were able to certify the validity of our foreign passports as part of the process. They are a highly experienced, professional team and we were so glad to find this service. Thank you so much for explaining the whole process to us and for the timely manner in which you handled all our queries. We are glad to recommend the services of FIRPTA solutions.

Derek Hall


From the start FIRPTA Solutions have been responsive, thorough and pleasant to deal with.



Patti and Samantha were very efficient and pleasant to work with. My questions were all answered promptly. Our closing was very quick and they managed to complete all of the paperwork early! We are very happy with our experience.

Ronald Berard


Julie, Yuri and the Team did a fantastic job. Being a Canadian and unable to be in FLA due to Covid-19, I was hesitant on how this process would work out. I was very impressed with the staff's professionalism, communication skill and the ability to work diligently with my title company. Highly recommended. Thank You!

R Butler


Samantha was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.

Susana M. Sherwood


I will use their services every time I need them.

Laurie Schmidt


As non American citizens we are not familiar with American tax laws, so it is very comforting to have such a qualified company handle this for us, very friendly and knowledgeable staff made our experience very easy.

Richard Falk


I have been delighted with the services provided by Firpta. The organisation is not cheap - but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! They have been fast, efficient and friendly. They have communicated clearly at each stage through the various steps of the process I have needed to undertake. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend their services to others.

Joe Oleinik


Job well done and not your garden variety degree of task.



Samantha and Firpta Solutions went above and beyond my expectations. As a Canadian seller Samantha made what seemed like a difficult process very easy for me. I would definitely recommend Firpta Solutions, with a special thanks to Samantha.


Website Review

We would like to thank FIRPTA and Nicole for guiding us through the process of applying for an ITIN required for the sale of land we owned in Florida. She was patient in walking us through the process and was able to address all of our concerns as we completed the application. Thanks FIRPTA and Nicole.

Rick Templeton


Julie & Patti were Great to deal with, knowledgeable, Understanding straight forward. I would strongly recommend this company. Good Work Ladies!

Richard Annis


Both Julie and Yuri did an excellent job. They explained the process and were very knowledgeable and patient with all the problems. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Florida British ex pat

These guys know their stuff! From the original consultation (money well spent)to the process. FIRPTA Solutions were excellent. The tax Manager who handled our case was very efficient and liaised with the closing company to enable the tax forms being submitted correctly and on time.

Doran Johnson


Nice professional people.


United Kingdom

We found everyone at the company really helpful talking us through the process, responding very quickly to any questions we had and very professional. It really helped us as it’s an area we are not familiar with, so we would definitely recommend them.

M. Reynolds-D


We simply cannot speak highly enough of the job done by FIRPTA Solutions. They have proven themselves to be very efficient, very knowledgeable and always accessible. We have found their customer service to be exceptional, at a time when most companies are seriously lacking in it. There is considerable uncertainty and confusion involved with selling property in the U.S. when you are not a U.S. citizen. We were fortunate in being put in touch with FIRPTA Solutions, for they did the majority of the work and guided us every step of the way. We highly recommend them and cannot thank them enough.

John Warne


The service provided was both very informative and professional. Timliness was excellent and the deliverables were met as required.

Jeffrey Schmalz


Overall, I was very pleased with the effort I received from FIRPTA SOLUTIONS. Samantha was always there, answered all of my questions honestly and quickly. This is not a simple process and involves a lot of money, which means there was stress on our end. She was always very calm and exceptionally well briefed on all issues. She went out of her way to make sure that we were completely satisfied. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.



This is the second time I have used FIRPTA Solutions. Very professional and get the job done - a quality vendor of this service.


Samantha is awesome!! I had a case which needed urgent help. After talking to Samantha for five minutes, she agreed to roll up her sleeves and rushed it for me, and she did everything perfectly!! I have been working with FIRPTA solutions for three times and they never let me down. The team is professional and Samantha is super pleasant to communicate with. Thank you so much Samantha for your help!!



Very helpful and effective service!



Special thanks for the outstanding support and professional service provided by Yuri Perez.

Edgard Caillier


I would like to thank Patti Vanerstrom who gave us a wonderful service (even in French)! She is realy professionnal, Thanks!

Paul Roberts


I have been thoroughly pleased with the service I have received from Yuri Perez and Samantha Collins. As a non US citizen, I was completely in the dark regarding FIRPTA. The process was explained clearly and the service level remained thorough and timely throughout. Overall execution of the work done on my behalf was seamless.

H & L

Foreign Seller

It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. We are very satisfied with the services you rendered to us. Many times you have gone out of your way to ensure that we understood the gibberish of accounting. You have been very professional Julie and we thank you for that. Take care of yourself.

Denis Guertin

Google Review

Holly and Meghan were simply on top of all aspects of the not so friendly FIRPTA process. They informed us of all steps and options from the beginning, they were extremely responsive to all our requests and communications, and true gems to deal with. No doubt whatsoever, you will not enjoy FIRPTA, but you will be delighted by the service rendered by FIRPTA Solutions.



Very Good

Mauri and Ritva Vilponen


As Finns who owned a Florida vacation home, we found facing complex problems with tax issues when it came time to sell. Our good realtor, Gene Lofgren, recommended that we use professional help by giving us a website of the FIRPTA Solution. We contacted FIRPTA Solutions and were immediately guided through our options by Samatha Callins and Yuri Perez. We had no idea what needed to be done and they handled everything. They prepared for us both the Withholding Certificate and the ITIN number applications for the IRS and handled all related communications to the IRS, Title Manager, and Buyer. They were very knowledgeable, friendly, and quick in their service work. Thank you so much! We can recommend them very warmly.

Brad Nelson


I contacted FIRPTA Solutions in a massive panic after my UK based accountant was unable to deal with the FIRPTA withholding issue and closing was imminent on a land transaction. I was immediately contacted by Samantha Collins who was extremely knowledgeable, professional, personable, and responsive, and I can't thank her enough for her help here. 100% recommended.

Rachelle I. Ramnanan

Website Review

Your team took great care of me when I arrived & I am very happy that I have your assistance & guidance for this process.

Nora Moretti

Website Review

Queridisima Yuri .... tantisimas gracias por todas tus atenciones... informacion ... y recomendaciones durante el proceso de venta de mi propiedad en Miami. Me senti segura de todo el proceso despues de hablar contigo y explicarme con lujo de detalles todo lo que se debia hacer ya que como extranjera viviendo en Italia habia un ''pequeño'' detalle que desconocia. Yo en Italia ... ustedes en Cape Coral y la venta de la propiedad en Miami ... manteniendonos a traves de una perfecta comunicacion. Grazie mille Yuri y a FIRPTA... con el honor de ser atendida por ti. - Nora Moretti

Keith Bridges


Patti from FIRPTA was great to work with and very professional in detailed in every aspect. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Keith & Debbie



You have really exceeded my expectations, your company helped me with my first deal just 2 days before closing even without knowing any info about my property. Fast and effectively and i got my refund quick.



For me as a foreigner from Germany it was great to have such a professional support on my side. Yuri Perez help in my native language made it extremely easy to understand all requests.

Murray Jackson


As Canadians selling our winter home in Florida, we were very pleased with the service provided by FIRPTA Solutions in navigating the US tax system.

Young Lee

Google Review

FIRPTA Solutions, Inc. helped me in a foreigner business transaction at my work in New Jersey. They were very responsible, prompt, and friendly making the entire process smooth and easy! Highly recommended accounting firm whose expertise and professionalism is priceless.

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