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FIRPTA regulations require that a Buyer withhold 15% of the gross purchase price of the property at the time of closing.

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Firpta Withholding Certificate

According to, the withholding amount on the sale of US property can be adjusted if the IRS isssues a withholding certificate. A withholding certificate is an application for a reduced withholding based on the gain of a sale instead of the selling price.

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Remit FIRPTA Withholding Tax

Withholding agents are generally required to withhold 15% on the sale or disposition. If an application for a withholding certificate was not applied for then the funds must be remitted within 20 days of the sale.

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Our passion for assisting our clients and other professionals through the complex FIRPTA process, drives our business. Countless years of experience, our commitment to education, and our relentless dedication, defines who we are.

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I want to thank Megan for the excellent service and timely responses when helping me navigate through the unfamiliar territory of the IRS tax system and FIRPTA filings. She made this easy and her guidance was much appreciated.

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Congratulations Vanna!!!!! Great Job!! You are amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I’m glad to select you and your company to handle my client’s transaction. Thanks to you the transaction was a complete success!!!

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