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Document Preparation Service

Thank you for choosing FIRPTA Solutions, Inc. to assist with this part of the closing.

FIRPTA Solutions, Inc. is always looking at ways that we can help to improve the way our referral partners do business. Title companies and closing attorneys around the nation are adopting policies that prevent them from being able to prepare the IRS forms used to remit FIRPTA funds to the IRS. They understand that these forms are considered tax returns and they want to leave that job to the tax professionals.

In response to this movement, we developed a way for our clients to request the required forms for their closings. As always, we encourage you to give our information to your client so that we can work with them directly. This way, we can be sure that they understand the FIRPTA process, their withholding and refund options, as well as their U.S. tax filing requirements.

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As a reminder, this service is being offered as a "doc prep" service to you, the closing agent and not the end user. We are in no way representing the seller or the buyer in any way.

We do not accept any responsibility for lost receipts or forms. We are simply filling out the forms on YOUR behalf based on the information that you provide to us.

We do not accept any responsibility for late payments and would like to remind you that the funds collected at closing must be postmarked by the 20th day after the date of transfer.

If any party to the sale does not have a US tax ID, please let them know that the IRS requires tax IDs to be provided or at least applied for in a FIRPTA transaction.

If the buyer doesn't have a tax ID, the IRS will not be able to process the Form 8288 properly resulting in potential penalties and interest for the buyer. Also, the seller will not get a valid receipt for the funds until the buyer has a tax ID.

If the seller doesn't have a tax ID, they will not be able to obtain a valid receipt for the remitted funds nor will they ever receive a refund until they have a valid tax number.

We encourage you to give our information to your client so that we can explain the FIRPTA process, how they can get all or a portion of their money back, and their US tax filing requirements

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