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ITIN Application

FIRPTA Solutions facilitates the application process by reviewing the necessary documents and forwarding the completed forms to IRS.

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FIRPTA Remittance

Withholding agents are generally required to withhold 15% on the sale or disposition. If an application for a withholding certificate was not applied for then the funds must be remitted within 20 days of the sale.

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Withholding Certificate

According to, the amount that must be withheld from the disposition of a U.S. real estate property interest can be adjusted pursuant to a withholding certificate issued by the IRS.

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Hard Case Resolution

Have IRS forms been filed with incomplete or inaccurate information? Are you still waiting on your IRS refund? If so, we are here to help!

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Why Choose Us?

Our passion for assisting our clients and other professionals through the complex FIRPTA process, drives our business. Countless years of experience, our commitment to education, and our relentless dedication, defines who we are.

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Firpta Solutions is founded on years of experience, continuing education and dedication to our clients. FIRPTA, it’s what we do. It’s all we do!

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